The Most Expensive Text Messaging Conversation Ever
Tezuka/Fuji? PG

Fuji and Tezuka talk via text message while Tezuka is in Germany. Frank tennis talk or confessions of love? You be the judge.

Hell Has Frozen Over
Momo/Ryoma, PG

Hell has frozen over. The day has come when Momoshiro Takeshi finds himself threatened by a twelve-year-old girl. (Takes places after episode 24, "Ryoma's Holiday.")

Oishi's Apology
Golden Pair, PG.

Oishi tries to write apology letter to his partner after the events of episode 52, "Seigaku's Biggest Crisis."

Eiji's List
Golden Pair, PG.

Eiji's List of Things I'll Never Tell Oishi I Did While We Were In A Fight. (Goes with Oishi's Apology)

Lucky After All
Sengoku+Kamio crack pairing! PG

Despite winning, Kamio can't accept that his match against Sengoku is over. (Takes place after episode 86, "High on Rhythm.")

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