An Early Autumn
Zabuza/Haku, PG13 for blood, sad, pre-series

Zabuza fears the consequences if he allows his thoughts about Haku to change.

Only Polite
Kakashi+Iruka, PG, fluff, takes place in episodes 22-25 (roughly).

Kakashi takes advantage of Konoha's rules of hospitality to get some dinner.

Sasuke ficlet, Sasu/Naru-ish, PG

Proud of his lineage, Sasuke means to keep the Uchiha traditions alive. Except for that one. The one about the First Kiss… (Takes place just as the Hidden Waves arc begins)

Without a Strategy
Shikamaru ficlet, Shika/Ino-ish, PG

Shikamaru has a plan for everything, including women. So why can't he stick to it?

Things I would like to see here in the near future:
-More Kakashi/Iruka

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