Salt and Pepper
Gen fic, no pairings, no warnings.

Ed is walking on air because he knows something that's sure to horrify Roy when he rubs it in the Colonel's face.

The Not-So-Secret Diary of Roy Mustang
Silly. Not written to emulate the Very Secret Diaries on purpose, but sorta ended up that way (hence, title).

Roy's desk calendar for the day of episode 13. I want to make a whole series of these eventually...

Lot No. 37 (Mustang and Mistletoe)
Ed/Roy, NC17, alt-timeline kinda thing.

The lines of Ed and Roy's new relationship are a bit fuzzy, and a prior commitment lands Roy squarely in the wrong, in Ed's opinion. To placate him, Roy offers him anything he wants, knowing full well what that means.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Roy+Ed, PG, alt timeline kinda thing

After a run in with an alchemist using an unfamiliar type of alchemy, Ed's in some trouble. Roy knows the cat that turns up on his doorstep is Fullmetal, but can't resist messing with him before helping him out.

Getting Serious
Roy/Ed, PG-13, alt timeline kinda thing

Ed and Roy carve pumpkins and get messy. Ed makes sure of it.

Roy/Ed, PG-13, post-anime series.

Roy and Ed share an unspoken understanding that some questions remain unasked.

Roy/Ed, PG-13, silly, parody.

Edward Elric takes on the most serious research of his State Alchemist career so far: is there anything Roy Mustang is bad at? Fullmetal puts that cocky Colonel through his paces.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

If The Answer Is Yes
Roy/Ed, fluff, OOC?, PG

Ed and Roy happen to meet outside of work while taking care of their White Day duties. This was based off of a picture (see below) and was a giftfic for Sharon. <3

Note: White Day is a Japanese holiday, March 14th, on which men reciprocate to the women who gave them Valentine's loot gifts.

View picture | Read fic | Omake!

Roy/Ed, total silliness, sexual innuendo, PG for the most part

Roy tries to persuade Ed, but to do what? And you all thought Roy Mustang had dignity... Written in an hour, please excuse.

Miniskirt Madness!
Roy/Ed, total silliness and idiocy.

What is Roy Mustang's true dream?

All That's Left
Mildly Hughes/Royish (maybe one-sided), implied RoyxFOC, pre-anime series when the guys are young, angst.

A young Roy Mustang's reputation is established and his best friend looks on with disapproval.

Hughes/Roy, pre-Ishbal pastfic, rated R to be safe.

Roy stands to achieve his most important goal yet. Maes is no alchemist, but he helps in his own ways.

The Wrong Girl
Hughes/Gracia, mention of past Roy/Gracia, het, PG13.

Gracia tries to get back at her ex-boyfriend, Roy Mustang, by dating his best friend, but she doesn't expect to fall for him!

Mr. Brightside
Havoc/Hawkeye, humor, spoilers for episode 37, R for sexual situations.

How Havoc gets over the devastation of episode 37 and why Mustang's Miniskirt Agenda might be a really bad idea. Not a songfic, I just like the title.

Finding a Balance
Havoc/Hawkeye, possible spoilers up to episode 37, R for sexual situations.

Can Hawkeye juggle another man in her life? Directly follows Mr. Brightside.

Havoc/Hawkeye, possible spoilers up to episode 37, R for sexual situations.

It's all in how you ask. Directly follows Finding a Balance.


Obligation Chocolate
Havoc/Hawkeye, SAP, possible spoilers up to episode 37, follows "Finding a Balance" but not really officially part of the arch because then they would be out on the balcony in February. Perhaps they are southern hemisphere types?

Hawkeye is giving her boys chocolate. Havoc is over-analyzing. Just another day in Central City? Nope, it's Valentine's Day.

(Note: for this fic, I followed the Japanese custom of only women giving chocolate and gifts on Valentine's Day and typically giving their male bosses and colleagues so-called 'obligation chocolate.')

Things I would like to see here in the near future:
-The Not-So Secret Diaries
-more Havoc/Hawkeye
-more Roy/Ed smex

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